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Our beautiful hand-crafted and state-of-the-art websites are pre-optimized to attract top leads!

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Online Reputation Management

Don’t let bad reviews, scandalous photos, or negative press prevent you from thriving!

Social Media Marketing

Our viral social media marketing helps you stand out from the competition!

State of the Art Marketing

Legalsophia provides state-of-the-art marketing services. We go the extra mile to provide a truly holistic approach to marketing and design that brings together our creative team of programmers, designers, and writers.

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LegalSophia is proud to offer services for law groups and individual attorneys:

  • personal injury lawservicespagesearchenginessmall
  • medical malpractice  law
  • family law
  • criminal defense
  • DWI and traffic defense
  • intellectual property law
  • real estate law
  • bankruptcy law
  • corporate finance law
  • social security and elder law

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We do not believe in shortcuts. Each of our custom marketing and design services is designed to bring maximum return on investment. Contact us today to learn more about our free web analysis!

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Search Engine Marketing!

Our Search Engine Optimization Plans are effective and fast! We get high quality traffic and leads to your site from day one! We utilize Google-Certified methods that last and prevent your website from getting blacklisted by search engines.

Custom Web Design!

Our Websites are gorgeous and effective at attracting new traffic and leads. Each of our custom-buildt websites is pre-optimized with state-of-the-art designs that start working for you as soon as they are live! See your traffic grow with our built-in web stats!

Reputation Management!

We remove bad reviews and negative results associated with your company’s name from search results with proven techniques that build up your online presence. No need to worry about bad reviews, arrest records, slander or compromising photos anymore!

Social Media Marketing!

Our social media marketing takes your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus accounts to new heights with more followers and more genuine leads directed to your website. We turn your accounts into hotbeds of traffic!

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