Web design, Optimization and Reputation Management-

Legal representation is a powerful industry and as long as there is law, this service will always be in demand. Small and large firms, and individual attorneys are being sought after on the web and how a practice is represented to the public online will greatly influence its level of success. Thousands of people every day in progressive cities across the country are seeking legal representation on the Internet. Those practices with a state of the art website optimized for first place rankings for popular Google searches are earning the majority of cases. Successful firms invest in sophisticated internet marketing for Lawyers to reach thousands of viewers and attract new clients.

Especially in progressive cities like New York and Miami is is essential to have a profile on the web that reflects success. Legalsophia clients are represented on the Internet with state of the art web design that seduce viewers and converts visitors into new cases. Our websites are optimized for first place rankings on Google for popular keyword searches including, “personal injury  lawyer”, “auto accident attorney” and “medical malpractice lawyer” in competitive cities.

The Legalsophia reputation management team ensures our client profiles are positive and accurately reflect their experience and level of professionalism. We ensure no negative content or bad reviews surface on the web in connection with our clients practice. The lawyers we work with are protected from slanderous postings and false statement from disgruntled employees, ex lovers or any anonymous attacker intending to do harm.

When you are ready to take charge of your success, invest in Legalsophia online reputation management, and organic website optimization. Our lawyers are dominating the market in competitive cities across the US.