Protect the Reputation of Your Firm-

Legalsophia online reputation management services protect lawyers from internet defamation. Are you a victim of cyber-bullying? Is your ex wreaking havoc on your practice with internet propaganda and libelous postings on Facebook and review sites like Yelp and Ripoff Report? This is a serious infraction and many people are suffering from such hostile attacks. The truth is there are many perpetrators out there and due to the nature of the web, if someone is out to get you, they can.

Ripoff Reports and slanderous postings on the Internet are costing law firms millions of dollars in lost revenue. When someone is researching a law firm, if a Ripoff Report or negative client experience should surface they will immediately be deterred to the competition. Ripoff Reports are glaring messages to the public to beware. More often than not, they are fictitious write-ups by someone with the sole intent of causing harm. But the validity of the report doesn’t matter. No one is going to investigate if a report is true or not.

If such a report or other negative content appears in connection with your firm, it should be addressed right away before it ruins the reputation that took years to build. At Legalsophia our online reputation management service eliminates Ripoff Reports from appearing on Google searches connected to your firm. Our clients are represented as leading practices with positive profiles in their area of practice. Legalsophia protects its clients from harmful posting and internet propaganda.