The personal injury law industry is a competitive market and there are hundreds of law firms competing in every city. From top trial lawyers to start up firms soliciting their first hundred cases, the internet is filled with websites all in competition for the same keyword searches. Even those firms that have been serving victims of accidents, negligence, and social injustice for over fifty years are investing in marketing in order to maintain a powerful online presence. Although years of experience has empowered the top law firms with a clear understanding of the complexities of diverse personal injury cases, if they are not represented online with a sophisticated site that earns the trust of prospective clients, they will lose revenue to the competition.

The firms that are listed on the first pages of Google for important industry keyword searches including ‘accident attorney’ or ‘personal injury lawyer’ are earning seventy five percent of market shares. With this percentage leverage, even an established firm that is not on the first page, is at risk of losing a large number of cases to smaller less experienced firms. How your website is designed and where your website is ranked plays a key factor in determining your success.

Today’s clients want to be sure they are making informed decisions. When someone needs a lawyer they turn to their computer and look for the firm that is going to give them the results they want. At Legalsophia we design websites that educate viewers. We let our client’s online audience know how their firm pays meticulous attention to detail and defends their cases with the confidence required to confront powerful corporations that place profit over safety and responsibility. We create content that convinces viewers that our clients firm has the experience required to obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries. We guarantee our law firms are represented as the leading practices in their cities and they are listed on the 1st page of Google for multiple keyword searches.

Our team of writers, designers and content engineers create a complex web of sites that optimize visibility and earn the trust of the online audience. Our record of success proves our law firms earn a dramatic increase in business in just two to three months. And like the firms we represent, we provide exemplary service and we honor a commitment to each of our clients’ long term success.