State of the art web design impacts rankings for Google Searches. Google has recently announced that it is ranking mobile responsive websites higher on their search engine than websites that are not auto configuring to smart phones and tablets. In today’s market how a law firm is represented on the Internet determines its influx of new cases.  A state of the art design that automatically configures itself to work efficiently on mobile devices is now even more essential to success.Not only are viewers more apt to hire a firm that has invested in a sophisticated website, but the impact of visibility is a key factor in reaching the largest percentage of individuals seeking legal representation.

Law firms that implement sophisticated web designs that include touchscreen and direct dial features that are positioned for top visibility on the Internet lead the market. In competitive cities appearing first for popular searches maximizes earning potential. Dominating search engine results with mobile responsive design obtains a fast return on investment.

LegalSophia web design and organic SEO position lawyers to reach the largest audience and obtain a constant influx of new cases. It’s clients are represented with state of the art mobile responsive websites that earn the trust of individuals seeking legal representation and convert viewers into new cases!