Internet marketing is an essential component to success for law firms and individual attorneys. In today’s economic system a firm’s website is the primary source of acquiring new clients and maintaining a continual influx of new cases. Even prospective clients given your firm on recommendation will research your practice through Google searches. For these reasons, how a law firm is represented on the internet in terms of web design, search engine rankings and public reviews on social media and directory sites including Yelp and Martindale will have a huge impact on earning potential.

The law firms that choose to invest in a strong web presence put their practice in position to compete with the top earners in their field of practice. Take for example a personal injury lawyer. When a person is looking for legal representation they will review a selection of websites and make a decision based on the level of sophistication of the site, its allure and written content. The websites that are listed on the first page of Google for important searches like “personal injury lawyer” and “auto accident attorney” for respective cities are earning  seventy five percent of market share due to high visibility and quality of web design. Internet search engine rankings are your location and having your website listed first is the equivalent to an ocean front five star hotel on the French Riviera. The earning potential for top location ensures a constant influx of clients and the ability to pick and choose your cases.

At Legalsophia, our clients are the leading law firms in their market because we position them on the internet with high visibility to reach the largest percentage of viewers. We design state of the art websites to immediately entice viewers and hold their interest. Our university educated professionals create content that empowers the firms we market with credibility to earn the trust of their prospective clients and dramatically increase their caseload.

When you are ready to compete with the leading firms in your market sector, give Legalsophia a call. We will represent your firm as a leading practice in your respective city and elevate your website above the competition. We will create a campaign for your team of attorneys that guarantees your website will be ranked on the first page of Google for multiple keyword searches to obtain a constant influx of new clients.