Case verdict discussions, compensation outcomes and client reviews on the Internet are commonplace in today’s legal market. What current and former clients post on websites and discuss in viral communications has a big impact on the influx of new business.

Even well established firms with a record of obtaining maximum compensation for accident victims have clients that are not always pleased with the outcome of their cases. Often the disgruntled blame the attorneys and take out their disappointment in the form of a negative review on social media or in many cases with slanderous propaganda on sites like Ripoffreport. But whether or not these negative opinions are valid really doesn’t matter. If a poor review or slanderous content is visible on the Internet in connection with your firm or an attorney on your team, it is going to dramatically effect the acquisition of new clients.

At Legalsophia we understand the importance of client experience and the online reputation management of a practice. It is impossible to have one hundred percent satisfied clients in every case. Therefore as part of every Legalsophia campaign, we implement online reputation management. Our social media team is responsible for the creating of social media pages for brand development as well as the monitoring of Google searches and social media posting to protect the reputation of our clients and develop their online identity. Through regular analysis of client profiles and Google keyword listings, we protect our clients from any negative content that could surface on the web. Our ORM component of marketing ensures our clients are represented a leading law firms in their respective cities.  

When you are ready to protect your reputation and represent your law firm as a leading practice in your respective city, contact Legaslophia for a written proposal that guarantees revenue-increasing results.