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The legal industry in progressive cites like New York and Chicago is a competitive market. There are hundreds of thousands of lawyers all looking to solicit their service and acquire new cases. Whether you are a start up firm with attorneys fresh out of law school or you have over thirty years working in a top firm, the way lawyers maintain their influx of new clients is through their websites. Even clients referred to you firm are going to review your website before making a commitment. Successful law firms understand that internet marketing is an essential component of success. Through the implementation of search engine optimization and online reputation management, top Google ranked law firms are getting first choice in their areas top cases. The return on investment of first page rankings on Google amounts to 75% of market shares. In big cities like Miami and Dallas, this percentage amount to high revenues. No longer are the top law firms choosing to take on cases that take up too much time and cost money. Instead they are selecting the best cases of which their teams is sure to achieve maximum earning results.

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When you are ready to reap the financial rewards of multiple first page rankings on Google and search engine dominance, hire a marketing firm with a proven record of top ranked clients in progressive cities.  Legalsophia will bring your firm to the next level of success.