A law firm’s online presence is a powerful component of success. Representing your firm on the internet requires the combined efforts of contemporary web design, online reputation management and effective search engine optimization. In order to support a constant influx of new cases it is critical to maintain an online identity that is positive and visible for important keyword searches. A contemporary website that is both sophisticated and educational will attract clients that are looking to hire experienced attorneys who will provide them with the level of professionalism they are seeking.

The online audience will make decisions based on how well a law firm is presented on the web. Potential clients want to feel confident that the firm they are considering will bring them the results they want. They will form an opinion about a firm based on the elements of web design, the standards of professionalism represented in the written content and the website ranking. The online audience understands that the top-ranked firms are investing to maintain top ranking results. It is commonly understood that being on the first page for important industry searches in itself reflects a certain level of success.

At Legalsophia, we have a record of top-ranked clients in progressive cities. We are practiced in the SEO techniques proven effective and our clients discover quickly that their practice is dominating search engine results. Our team of university-educated writers, technical engineers and designers create a complex web of content that ensures our law firms are represented as the elite practices in their market sector. Our online reputation management (ORM)component to each marketing campaign protects our clients from false negative reviews and other propaganda. Our ORM work includes monitoring public review forums, engaging in social media conversations and creating positive permanent content that supports the true identity of the law firms we represent.

When you are ready to elevate your practice above the inferior clutter of lawyers that are flooding the internet, choose a marketing company that never outsources and does not require a contract. At Legalsophia, we guarantee first page rankings on Google and we work month to month. We have found that this method of providing services gives clients the ability to view progress and see the immediate return on investment.