Running a law firm in a progressive city like New York takes a commitment to success. Making sure that lawyers are handling cases where their experience makes them experts, that clients are satisfied and the team is obtaining the maximum compensation for injuries is a challenging task.

Even the most successful firms can’t win every verdict and often run into difficult situations where client expectations were not met and as result are unhappy with the results. Sometimes clients can even become resentful and hostile and take out their anger by posting harmful content on the web. Sites like Yelp and social media sites like facebook and Twitter can be used to slander lawyers and negatively impact the reputation of a practice.

There is always going to be someone whose expectations were not met. What law firms need to be careful of is how those unhappy clients express their disappointment. All it takes is one person to write a negative review on notorious sites like Ripoffreport or 800 Notes for revenues to suffer. Even one ugly comment on social media can turn viral and reach thousands of viewers with a simple click of the mouse.

At Legalsophia we protect our clients from propaganda. Our online reputation management teams are experts in removing harmful postings on sites like Twitter and have proven effective techniques that bury ripoffreports far below the public eye. If a negative posting should ever surface about your firm or one of your lawyers, contact Legalsophia right away. Our custom organic marketing will eliminate the harmful effects of negative postings by publishing flattering content that represents your law firm as the leading practice in your respective city.