Personal Injury lawyers and criminal defense attorneys fight hard to obtain for their clients maximum compensation for their injuries and a trial verdict that ensures they are able to continue living the life they choose. In many cases, attorneys are able to achieve results that meet their client’s expectations and both law firm and client are pleased with the verdict. However no one is able to win every case and satisfy every client one hundred percent of the time.

Sometimes client expectations are unrealistic and although the law firm presented a good case, they walk away disappointed and at times even hostile. On many occasions clients that blame the attorney for not meeting their desired outcome have been know to take out their frustration in the form of a negative review on the Internet. These harmful online attacks can be posted on social media sites including facebook and Twitter or notorious sites like Ripoffreport. This online propaganda can be very harmful to the success of a law firm. For this reason it is important to include online reputation management in your marketing campaign.

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