Are you familiar with social media conversation, likes and embedding photographs and video on the web? Social media has become an extremely popular forum for communications and as a result, involvement in its phenomenon has become standard practice in marketing the legal industry. People are networking daily on sites like facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ and today, word of mouth instantly reaches large audiences wit a click of a mouse.

Client experience and opinion is a powerful message to the public. With so many ways for people to review businesses and post comments, actively engaging in discussion and monitor communication on these websites has become n important part of growing your business. This new phenomena of viral communication has the ability to dramatically impact the reputation of a legal practice and so is quickly becoming a standard component in law firm advertising. At Legalsophia we infuse in all internet marketing plans a strong social media campaign. We use our active involvement in social media to earn the trust of prospective clients, develop the credibility of the law firms we market and enhance our clients’ online reputations.

Legalsophia provides internet marketing services for law firms throughout the continental US. Our search engine optimization techniques are proven effective in maintaining first page result on Google in competitive market s and the attorneys we represent are obtaining first choice in area cases.