What are the components of a successful internet marketing campaign and how do law firms solicit new clients and obtain the area’s most desirable cases? In today’s system of e-commerce the most effective way to increase business is by marketing your law firm on the internet. Even firms that invest in high cost television commercials need to include internet marketing in their advertising campaign because the web has become everyone’s primary source for seeking information. When a person is seeking legal representation for criminal defense, a divorce or personal injury litigation they are going to research law firms on the internet. People want to make informed decisions and how a law firm is represented online is going to have a big influence on whether or not potential clients choose your firm. A sophisticated website that is optimized for first page results on Google along with a strong online presence will provide your team of lawyers with the credibility and exposure needed to attract viewers and obtain new clients.  

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In addition to our search engine optimization we incorporate in our campaigns online reputation management to ensure only positive content that accurately reflects our client’s true identity is visible on the web. We protect the lawyers we represent from false negative reviews that every so often surface on the web from a client that was dissatisfied with the results of their trial.

In progressive urban markets, maximizing earning potential with top search engine rankings  and a clean online reputation means high revenues. When you are ready to protect your lawyers from false negative reviews and maximize their earning potential with first choice in area cases, look to the marketing firm with top ranked clients in competitive cities. At Legalsophia our clients are dominating search engine results and maintaining a constant influx of new cases.