The language of computers and the system by which Google evaluates content is in a constant state of change. Experienced marketing firms are immersed in the pulse of the cyber world language. Learning effective SEO techniques works in the same way living in Italy will improve your Italian. The Legalsophia team continues to explore the most efficient means of obtaining first page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our team recognizes that investing in manpower and time to see patterns and recognize shifts in search engine algorithms means having the ability to achieve top rankings more quickly than our competition. It also enables us to adapt more quickly. This ongoing investment will mean an increase in client satisfaction and a stronger return for both business parties.

With emphasis on cultivating long-term relationships, not only do our clients obtain optimal marketing results, but they have the privilege of working with a firm that makes client relations a priority. Our ability to create original content tailored to search engine algorithms sets us above the inexperienced companies looking for shortcuts that risk a dramatic drop in ranking, lost revenue and even Google banning. Only marketing firms experienced with effective Google-approved, “white hat” techniques will maintain first page results in progressive cities.

For law firms in cities like New York and Miami, it is important to have an online profile that stands above the inferior clutter of websites that flood the internet. At Legalsophia, we ensure our clients are represented as leading firms in their prospective cites. We design and optimize sophisticated websites that reflect current market trends, and our SEO techniques efficiently maintain first page results for multiple keyword searches. When you are tired of losing cases to the competition, invest with a marketing firm that has a portfolio of top-ranked firms in progressive cities.