At Legalsophia we represent our clients as the leading law firms in their respective cities and the surrounding metropolitan area. We create sophisticated contemporary websites that represent each of our clients as the leading practices in their market sector. Because we are an ethical marketing firm that develops long term business relationships with our clients, we do not believe in conflict of interest. Instead, we honor our commitment to maintain top search engine results for each firm we represent and therefore only market one practice per area. In other words, once we begin marketing a personal injury law firm for a particular city, we do not take on another practice in that market.

This elite status ensures our client’s website is optimized for multiple Google search results that lead to a quantifiable increase in web traffic and a continuous influx of new clients. As a result of maintaining top search engine results for keywords including “auto accident attorney” and “personal injury lawyer” our clients are in position for first choice in area cases. When your client base consists of only those cases you want to represent, it puts your firm in a position of success. When your team of lawyers is assigned cases of which their experience in a particular area of litigation makes them experts, it creates efficiency and frees up time to increase earning potential.

If this sounds good to you, it is time to invest in a powerful internet marketing campaign. When you are ready to elevate your practice above the clutter of law firms that flood the internet look to the marketing firm with a proven record of success. At Legalsophia our SEO techniques quickly achieve top search engine results and all our work is ‘Google approved’. We do not require start up fees and only charge the first month payment to begin a campaign. Different than our competitors, we find it unnecessary to lock our clients into contract; instead we work month to month developing mutually profitable business relationships. At the end of each month our clients receive a report that lists all work they received for their investment to measure with their increase in new clients each month.