Search engine optimization and online reputation management have become the primary focus of successfully advertising Law Firms. Whether you are an Individual attorney fresh out of Harvard Law opening a practice in Boston or you operate an establish Manhattan Firm with a team of successful lawyers, it is essential to have a powerful online presence that reflects success.

A law firm’s online profile consists of its primary website and all content published on the Internet associated with the firm and each of its attorneys. When a law firm is represented as the leading practice in its market sector is earns the trust of prospective clients and converts more viewers into clients. The websites that are sophisticated and optimized for top search engine results reach the largest audience and in turn maintain a constant influx of new cases.

The firms that invest in an Internet marketing campaign put themselves in position to obtain the areas most desired case. At Legaslophia we highlight our clients accomplishments and protect them from any Internet propaganda that can service on the web. Not every case outcome meets client’s expectations and occasionally a dissatisfied client will express their disappointment in the form of a negative review online or a slanderous post on social media. This type of reaction can be very harmful to the success of law firm. At Legasophia we have an online reputation management team that ensures our lawyers are protected from false negative reviews and that only positive content is associated with their name.

When you are ready to represent your law firm as the leading practice in your respective city, contact Legalsophia. We will design a campaign for your team that reflects the competition and positions your practice to obtain the areas most desired cases. Our proven effective search engine optimization techniques are achieving first page rankings on Google for multiple keyword searches and as a result our clients are earning seventy five percent of market shares.