For many people running law firms, internet marketing is a mystery and instead of educating themselves on how it works, they choose to ignore it and miss out on the opportunity to compete for their areas most desired cases. Components of advertising in today’s system of legal representation like web design in Pam beach and search engine optimization, determine how many calls come as well as your annual case load increase.

Whether you are a start up firm with attorneys fresh out of law school or you have been in practice for over twenty years, Internet marketing has become an essential component of business success. Word of mouth referred clients will research your firm online by Google searching your team of lawyers names, reviewing any content that surfaces as well as your company website. If all blogs, press releases, directory listing are positive and the website represents the level of success they seek, they will schedule a consultation. For this reason it is important to monitor social media and Google searches to be sure your team is represented as a leading practice in your market.

As well as earning the trust of referred clients it is important to reach the audience of potential clients that are seeking legal representation online. When a person is in need a divorce lawyer or personal injury attorney, they enter keywords in the search window and view the websites listed on the first page of Google.  The law firms that invest in contemporary web design and search engine optimization are earning 75% of the cases in their metropolitan area. The Internet has basically leveled the paly field for competing law firms. What this means is that even small firms or individual lawyers can put themselves in position to compete with large multi partner practices by simply updating their website and obtaining top Google rankings.

Let’s take for example a potential client that is looking to seek compensation for an injury. The first thing they are going to do is enter a keyword search on Google. They are going to type a keyword like, “personal injury lawyer Miami”, depending on their particular city and view the websites listed on the first page. Even if you are only a small firm with one attorney fresh out of law school, if your website represents your practice as a leader in the industry and it surfaces for important keyword searches, you are going to obtain new cases. Web design and search engine optimization (SEO) are the components of advertising that bring you results.

At Legalsophia we implement Internet marketing campaigns that use organic seo to achieve first page rankings on Google for multiple keyword searches. With strong visibility and state of the art web design our clients are reaching the largest audiences and bringing in a constant influx of new cases. Best of all we do not require a contract or charge start up fees to begin a new campaign. Instead we work month to month proving our value with revenue increasing results.