Nobody should consider themselves special when it comes to staying home.

Anyone can get this virus!

For more information on Corona Virus safety and prevention visit the World Health Organization’s website.

Second, for LegalSophia, it is not business as usual. Things are different and it would be pointless to pretend otherwise. However, I am pleased to say that our operations have not been slowed by this pandemic. Fortunately, for now our family and friends are safe and our work for our clients goes on.

What does this mean exactly?

  1. Our writing team is at full speed. All press releases, blogging and articles are continuing as planned.
  2. Our technical specs have not changed. All client websites and digital content is backed up on multiple servers.
  3. Our design team is in full swing. All planned web projects are proceeding at full speed.
  4. Future campaigns are under way in the beginning stages
  5. New web content for clients is updated as always

The bottom line: LegalSophia is operating like it was before the crisis caused by the Corona Virus. Despite the disruptions and tragedies caused by the Corona Virus the Internet never sleeps. With this said, our prayers and wishes for safety go out to all our clients, families and friends.