Legal representation is a competitive market. The law firms that benefit from a rapid influx of new clients are investing in search engine optimization and online reputation management. These components of internet marketing are creating for law firms the ability to pick and choose the ideal clients. No longer are top firms choosing to take on cases that take up too much time and cost money.

When a website is ranked on the first page of Google for multiple keyword searches it is visible to the largest audience. This visibility and a sophisticated website that represents your firm as the leading practice in your area are the tools for success. The top ranked firms are earning 75% of market shares. A percentage this high means having the advantage of being able to specialize in an area of representation so you can become efficient and make better use of your time. Servicing more clients quickly gives you the freedom to be more selective on the type of cases and individual clients you commit to. When your practice grows to the point where you are only servicing ideal clients, it is time to raise fees.

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