Search engine optimization, web design and online reputation management are essential components of running a successful law firm. In today’s system of e-commerce, how a law firm is represented on the internet in terms of web design, search engine rankings and overall web presence is going to determine its level of success. Whether you are a start up firm with lawyers fresh out of law school or you have been in practice for over twenty years, your online profile is what is bringing in new clients and establishing your annual case load increase.

At Legalsophia we design custom marketing campaigns for large and small law firms across the US. Our state of the art web designs are pre-optimized to quickly achieve top search engine results for our clients. Each website we create includes a custom internal blogs designed in such a way that clients have the option of posting on their website as they see fit. Blog writing is an important component of internet marketing. When prospective clients are able to read about your work, it supports their interest in making an informed decision in choosing your team to represent their case. In addition to blogging, our teams of university educated writers create content both on your primary website and other blogs that educates viewers and gives them the confidence they need to select your firm.

Written content and published photos are effective search engine optimization techniques. Our seo techniques are congruent with Google algorithm patterns and proven effective in maintaining top search engine results in competitive markets.  

When you are ready to represent your practice as the leading law firm in your respective city, invest with Legalsophia. Our clients are dominating keywords like “personal injury lawyer”, “auto accident attorney” and “divorce lawyer” in competitive markets. We do not require a contract or charge large start up fees. Instead we work month to month bringing our clients revenue increasing results that prove our value to their business.