Internet marketing is an essential component of running a successful law firm. Even if your team of lawyers is recognized as the top professionals in your area of practice, if your website does not reflect the level of accomplishment potential clients are looking for, you will lose business to the firms that do. Having a contemporary website that reflects current market trends and educates visitors will  impress the online audience and solicit new clients. Optimizing your website for first page search results for important keywords including ‘divorce lawyer’ and ‘accident attorney’ will guarantee a constant influx of new cases.

At Legalsophia, we create marketing campaigns that reflect the direct competition. Our work ensures our clients are represented as the leading practices in their metropolitan area. Our websites are user-friendly, and the content convinces visitors that the firm has the experience and skills needed to give them the results they want. Our elements of design in combination with proven effective SEO techniques elevate our clients above the inferior clutter of firms that flood the internet.

When you are ready for your firm to be listed on the first page of Google for all the important industry keyword searches, invest with a marketing firm that employs university-educated writers, designers and technical engineers that get results. At Legalsophia, we operate under a high standard of professionalism. We do all our work in house and we invest in our success. Our Google -pproved “white hat” SEO techniques create a powerful online presence for the firms we represent and our clients quickly dominate search engine results.