Internet marketing is the primary focus of advertising in today’s economic market. Web design, online reputation management and search engine optimization are what bring law firms a constant influx of new clients. The online profile of a law firm is 98% of how they are represented to the public. Other than television commercials and the occasional bus stop poster or highway billboard, this is where potential clients are finding your service. Without a sophisticated website that is optimized for top rankings on Google, you will continually lose business to the competition. The law firms that dominate search engine results for important keyword searches like, “personal injury lawyer” and “auto accident attorney” put themselves in position to reach the largest audience and obtain first choice in area cases.

The online profile of a legal practice will determine its level of success. In order to maintain credibility as a team of powerful attorneys that obtain for clients maximum compensation for their injuries, law firms must have a positive web presence. Law firms and attorneys are often the victim of slanderous online attacks. Not every case turns out the way clients had hoped and with so many ways for the public to voice their opinion online, it is important to include online reputation management in legal marketing. In order to protect your practice from false negative reviews and other negative content, Legalsophia incorporates ORM with internet marketing to combat propaganda and protect the reputation of our clients. Our team monitors profiles daily to look out for any unwanted content that could damage our clients’ reputations and impede on their success.

Legalsophia’s online reputation management strategies ensure its clients are represented on the internet as successful law firms that achieve maximum compensation for their clients. Our proven effective seo techniques maintain top rankings in competitive markets and our clients are dominating keyword searches in their respective cities.