George Magalios | President

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.39.07 AMGeorge Magalios, the President of Legalsophia and founder of The Sophia Group, created Legalsophia based on his vision of an ethical and cutting-edge Intenet Marketing firm for Law offices, and attorneys and other professionals in the Legal field.

Legalsophia was founded as a result of a need to create a new approach to web design, SEO, social media and reputation management that prioritized exclusivity. Mr. Magalios noticed that most marketing companies hired by lawyers worked with a conflict of interest by representing many firms and professionals within the same market. After finding this unacceptable from both a business and moral standpoint George Magalios created a boutique firm that offers exceptionally personal service and results.

Mr. Magalios possesses a background in political theory and fine art. He has merged these interests in an innovative fashion that prioritizes quality and technical sophistication over a quick profit. For this end Legalsophia never out-sources work and crafts uniquely custom approaches to online presence building for all its campaigns.

Mr. Magalios is also a practicing contemporary artist.

Legalsophia is proud to fund the Magalios Foundation, a non-profit organization started by George Magalios that is funded from 10% of the profits from The Sophia Group. The Magalios Foundation provides scholarships to students in financial need at Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Magalios’s alma mater, and other schools.


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“LegalSophia’s web design and marketing packages increased our inquiries by more than 56% in 2 months. Their team really made our firm a priority and brought us the types of cases we were looking for.”

-Personal Injury Attorney


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