Has your practice fallen victim to an online attack? Is there a false negative review about your law firm surfacing when potential clients search your service and find your website? Sites like ripoffreport.com and 800notes.com are notorious forums for unethical competitor harassment and propaganda. A law firm’s online profile will determine its level of success. In order to maintain credibility as a leading practice in your market sector, your corporate website needs to be sophisticated and optimized for top search engine results. Keyword searches must remain clear of false negative reviews, and only positive content can be associated with your name. If there is any negative content surfacing about your practice, you owe it to yourself and your team of lawyers to eliminate it. This can be done by developing a positive identity online that represents the true identity of your firm. When it comes to law firm marketing, it’s best to choose a legal marketing company that represents its clients positively online and enhances clients’ visibility with effective legal SEO campaigns.

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