Maintain a Positive Internet Profile-

In the e-commerce system, client referrals are backed up by online research. When a client refers your law firm to a friend the prospective client enters the name of your firm in their search window to view your website and make a personal assessment of the practice. If negative results surface in connection with your firm’s name, chances are, you will lose this potential client. For this reason, negative reviews on Yelp and similar sites and postings on sites like Rip Off Report have caused law firms to suffer losses in revenue. A damaged reputation will impede on success.

Due to the nature of the internet, client experience when posted on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can reach thousands of people with just the click of a mouse. This communication has a powerful influence on prospective clients. Likewise, reviews on Yelp and Merchant Circle, if negative, will deter business. Because of the viral method of communication public opinions can be shared across a widespread network of viewers. When a comment or post is negative it will harm your reputation and negatively impact your caseload.

Fortunately there is a solution to bad reviews. Online reputation management will protect your firm firm from negative content on the web. Legalsophia campaigns eliminate unwanted content from appearing for searches connected with your firm. Our team replaces negative reviews with positive content that accurately reflects the firm’s success. Through the implementation of reverse SEO strategies that highlight positive case outcomes, we represent our clients as the leading law firms in their practice areas to earn the trust of visitors and and turn visitors into new clients.