Creating a Powerful Internet Profile

Online presence building is an essential component of law firm marketing. Every market of legal representation possess unique qualities. Whether it be the practice of personal injury law, medical malpractice law, divorce and family law or criminal defense the language specifics for potential clients is of utmost importance. When building the presence of a law firm many factors need to be considered. The elements of design that reflect contemporary market trends will ensure your law firm is represented as a leading practice in your direct market.

At Legalsophia, our team of writers, programmers, designers, and industry analysts includes holders of degrees in Philosophy, Business Administration, Contemporary Visual Culture, Computer Science and Design. 61914wallstThese accomplishments ensure the online presence of our clients is one of substance. Our web design team creates sophisticated websites that reflect current market trends. Our writers produce content that is congruent with each clients specified field of practice and our online reputation management and SEO teams ensure clients are visible and reaching a direct market to convert the highest percentage of website visitor into clients.

We believe in an organic approach to success that prioritizes long-term viability over immediate short-term risks. Legalsophia never engages in any black or grey hat marketing techniques that risk the banishment of our clients’ websites. Our team is intimately familiar with Google optimization patterns and our work is congruent with the new Hummingbird software to guarantee top ranking results.

Legalsophia Online Presence Building Includes:

blog creation and Management
state of the art web design
meta tag writing
back-link creation
social media networking
third party article writing
video marketing

Marketing Your Profile Across the Web-

Success in the world of e-commerce requires a commitment for the long haul. Most companies fail because they are poorly managed and because the give up before they can see the fruits of their investments. At Legalsophia we create a powerful web presence by creating a sophisticated website and other published content that enhances your firm’s profile and develops the reputation of your practice through daily blogging, press release submissions, video distributions, social media marketing, websites updates, internal website  postings and active engagement in other Internet networking forums.

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A Strong Social Media Campaign Can Increase Your Web Traffic By More Than 400%

Facebook Marketing!

Our Facebook Campaigns increase likes and create viral publicity for our clients within weeks. We utilize unique techniques that create buzz and produce results!

Twitter Marketing

Our Twitter campaigns create complex inter-linked networks between our clients and their targets. These networks produce rapid followings and unique metrics that infiltrate the most competitive keywords and markets.

Google Plus Marketing!

We utilize Google Plus campaigns with local and global marketing integration so your reviews, local search results, and global keywords work together to produce multiple first page rankings for single keywords!

Pinterest Marketing!

Our Pinterest campaigns highlight new products and services as they create relationships with a variety of international and national industry trend-setters!

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