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Blogging is an essential component of law firm marketing. Law firms that are represented on the Internet with secondary websites that highlight positive case outcomes and showcase their attorneys area of legal representation create a powerful profile that attracts prospective clients. People seeking legal representation turn to their computers to research attorneys.Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.49.27 PM When they find a firm that’s website is impressive, they will enter lawyers they are considering hiring and when custom blogs that reflect sophistication and success appear for searches it gives viewers the confidence they need to schedule a consultation.

Blogging creates a forum for profile enhancement and back-link strategies that optimize the clients primary website. Secondary content in the form of custom blogs expand a law firm’s online presence to attract new leads and bring a constant influx of new cases. Mass tort cases and defective product cases are presented on blogs through the posting of articles and links that share information and provide the public with the knowledge needed to help decision making.

Supporting Optimization

Custom blogs provide search engines with content that boosts rankings and increase visibility. When Google sees secondary content in the form of custom blogs appearing for searches it increases the law firms visibility on the web. Boosting rankings and obtaining first page results for important keyword searches is a key component of success. Google recognizes quality blogging and its robots boost rankings based on the third party content and the interlink traffic.



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