Stop the Harrassment-

Online reputation management for lawyers is an essential service used to protect firms from cyberbullying, internet harassment and defamatory content. Cyberbullying and defamation are serious offenses negatively impacting lawyers and firms across the US. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the web, dissatisfied clients have a plethora of online forums to express their disappointment in a verdict and literally destroy the reputation of a law firm. Although it is often necessary to take legal action, even a victory in court, will not repair a damaged reputation. When a person is out to get you, continuous attacks will severely impede the success of your firm.

If negative content appears in connection with your firm or one of your attorneys, it is important to address it right away. Online reputation management will eliminate propaganda from appearing for searches connected with your practice. At Legalsophia, we protect our clients from cyberbullying by replacing false negative reviews with positive content that accurately reflects a law firm’s or legal professional’s success. We highlight achievements and create press releases and third-party articles that establish a powerful reputation.

Highlighting high-profile cases and large compensation verdicts brings law firms recognition. When potential clients are able to view positive case outcomes and client reviews that reflect satisfaction it earns the interest of potential clients and turns viewers into new cases. Legalsophia online reputation management is protecting clients from internet propaganda and bringing them a constant influx of new business.