Web Design

Increasing Caseloads

Legalsophia custom website designs are among the most user-friendly and effective in the industry and are designed to bring more cases for our clients. Our approach to making a suweb-design-pageccessful website is very simple. We combine contemporary aesthetic elements and functionality with the professionalism necessary in corporate and personal injury law contexts. Our designs include custom internal blogs, Google map integration, SEO friendly pages, custom meta tags and much more.

Optimized Web Design for Law Offices

Successful web designs for law firms and individual lawyers begin with clarity, professional designs, and strong communication. Our design team has a proven track record of turning hits into phone calls and email inquiries, making conversions our ultimate goal.

There are many important elements in effective communication when it comes to web development. They include branding (color scheme, logo, photos), layout/composition, and the quality of the written content, the most important element when it comes to search engine rankings.legal web design

Our websites are distinguishable for their ease of use and their top rankings within their markets. When many designers make the mistake of utilizing elements that are not seo-friendly, every element of our websites is customized to put quality and search engine optimization first. The right combination of beautiful design and user-friendly construction is what makes a website successful.

We build every site with custom navbars, footers, sitemaps, custom written content that entices phone and email leads, and other crucial components of a successful SEO campaign. Creating effective web sites that bring conversions in terms of visitors who actually call and email is the most important objective of our designs.

Legal Web Design Features

Every website we design includes the following features:

  • Custom Search Engine Optimized Platform
  • Custom Internal Blog
  • Admin Area for Editing
  • Social Media Network links (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+)
  • Custom Meta Tags
  • Custom Photo Optimization
  • Custom Menu
  • Custom Internal Blog
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Google Analytics
  • Tech Support
  • Photo Gallery
  • Email Forms
  • Site Map
  • Comment Area
  • Custom Color Scheme
  • Custom Background

Our web development team is among the most respected in the legal internet marketing profession because we never outs-source and we work closely with our legal clients in every aspect of production. Whether it is the quality of our written content or the beauty of our designs, each law firm website and custom blog created by Legalsophia is a standard-bearer that brings results for our clients.