First Page Rankings

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Our proven organic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are 100% Google-approved and provide increased traffic and first page results for the most competitive keywords.

We get first page results in the toughest markets:

  • Car Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Cruise Ship Accidents
  • Copyright
  • Workplace Accidents

and many others.

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Because Legalsophia maintains exclusive relationships with its clientele it avoids conflicts of interest by representing only one law office per market.

Organic SEO for the Legal Profession

Legalsophia represents the very best of the Internet Marketing Industry. With our emphasis on quality and long-term results we offer an exceptional record of search engine optimization (SEO) success for our clients in personal injury law, divorce law, and other types of legal specialization.

legal indusry, law seoLegalsophia‘s portfolio of highly successful organic SEO campaigns earns millions of dollars in caseload results. Our proven holistic approach to SEO begins with quality writing, industry and keyword research, competition analysis and the creation of complex social media and custom blog networks that optimize every aspect of a firm’s online identity and attract high quality potential new cases to our client websites.

Search Engine Optimization Elements

Our SEO campaigns are individually crafted and priced according to the needs and long-term investment strategies of every client. Every Legalsophia SEO campaign includes the following:

seo legal lawSuccess in the world of e-commerce requires a commitment for the long haul. Most companies fail because they are poorly managed and because the give up before they can see the fruits of their investments. Every market and every industry possess unique qualities. While many internet marketing companies outsource their work, Legalsophia conducts every element of its work in its offices in New York and West Palm Beach. Our team of writers, programmers, designers, and legal analysts offer an exceptional return on each investment package.