Reputation Management for Medical Malpractice Lawyers


 Remove Bad Reviews and Undesirable Content from the Internet

Harmful reviews and propaganda on the Internet have become commonplace. In progressive cities across the US, law firms and individual attorneys are been attacked with slanderous postings and false negative reviews. Ripoff Report and social media sites have become a forum for the unethical propaganda of competing firms or an anonymous attack from a disgruntled employee, ex-spouse or anyone with an “ax to grind.”  The posting of negative reviews and false commentary on the Internet have caused law firms severe financial hardships. The cost of a damaged online reputation can put your law firm out of business.

Medical malpractice litigation is an extremely competitive market. The firms that are represented on the Internet with a positive reputation are earning business. Likewise, the law firms with a tainted or bad reputation are losing business to the competition. A positive reputation will empower your firm with the ability to attract new clients and obtain new cases. Years of hard work building a law firm can be ruined by false accusations, harmful reviews and any hateful attack on the web.

Fortunately experienced internet marketing firms that incorporate online reputation management strategies can protect law firms that specialize in medical malpractice litigation from negative reviews, harmful slander and all forms of Internet harassment. Online reputation management will eliminate propaganda from all searches connected to the firm and empower your team with the reputation to obtain a constant influx of new cases.

Attacks on the Web Deter Business 1614yelp

Client experience through social media networking sends a powerful message to the public. All it takes is one negative review or defamatory Facebook post for a viral communication to wreak havoc on a medical malpractice law firm. As we all know, case outcome is very important, but realistically you cannot win every case 100% of the time. There is always going to be someone dissatisfied due to unrealistic expectations or unforeseeable situations that impact case outcomes and prevent clients from earning maximum compensation. Sometimes a distraught or disgruntled client will take out feelings of frustration on the lawyer or firm in the form of a negative review on the Internet. This is not only unfair, but it comes at great cost to the team that in most cases provided excellent representation and did their best to achieve a just settlement for the client.  If this type of attack should happen, it is important to address it right away.

32614medmalEliminate Propaganda, Take Charge of your Reputation and Enhance your Profile

If a bad review is connected with your firm, it may deter clients from seeking your services. Online reputation management protects law firms from negative reviews while simultaneously enhancing internet profiles with positive content that accurately reflects the true identity of the firm.

It is up to you to take charge of your online reputation. You have a right to highlight your success and bury harmful slander that would impede your ability to obtain new cases and maximize earnings. You owe it your team of attorneys and the clients you will represent to protect your good name.