Marketing your law firm is an important component of achieving success. In today’s system of acquiring new cases and representing new clients, a law firm’s online presence will dramatically influence their level of success. In fact, even start-up firms fresh out of law school are able to get ahead of their more-experienced competitors, simply by representing themselves online as a leading practice in their metropolitan area. The internet has leveled the playing field for lawyers.

When you law firm has a sophisticated website that is optimized for first page results on Google it will be visible for important searches like ‘personal injury lawyer’ and ‘accident attorney’ to attract viewers. Potential clients seeking legal representation are looking for the team that they believe can get them the maximum compensation for their injuries. They are viewing websites to determine which law firm is best represented online. Your search engine rankings and overall online presence speak volumes to people needing legal services. Clients view the top-listed firms with state-of-the-art websites as the most successful.

If your law firm is not on the first page of Google for competitive keyword searches you are losing a significant amount of business to competitors. When you are ready to align your practice with the elite, and have first choice in area cases, look to the marketing firm that guarantees first page rankings on Google. At Legalsophia, we design state-of-the-art websites than highlight our client’s accomplishments and represent them as leading practices in their market sector. Our online reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are proven effective in progressive cities including New York and Paris and our clients are dominating their market sector.