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The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is an international organization that was in need of a new site. We built a custom navigation area, new admin area, and hundreds of pages with a mobile-friendly interface and design that includes a custom blog. Visit the site at nnrc.com.

Build Time: 6 weeks


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“In working with Legalsophia now for the past two years, I’ve got nothing but immense respect for the work they provide. I’ve been involved in web design and SEO for a few of my own companies since the 90’s and have a very solid understanding of what works and doesn’t. I’ve heard various claims over the years from others who think they have a great understanding of what is needed to keep your site current and ranked. However, what they all did was reactive, not proactive, to what is needed.  Legalsophia is way ahead of the curve and is the first company that I have ever dealt with and trust enough to now hand my own company sites over to. George and his team know their stuff.”

Duane O'Geil

NNRC Board Member, NNRC

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