The old days of marketing for law firms using the standard combination of link building and web design have come and gone. Today’s viewers and search engines are far more sophisticated. To attract the right readers and leads to a personal injury website it takes a sophisticated and elegant combination of what we call “multimedia marketing”.

Multimedia marketing for personal injury law firms entails a rich interwoven compendium of content on social media platforms, lead-generating blogs, web updates, video and EMail campaigns. True multimedia marketing also includes old-school methods such as billboard advertising  and direct mailings to businesses and individuals. Few marketing agencies possess the combination of analog and digital technological expertise to seamlessly weave these components into a cohesive campaign for their clients.

At LegalSophia we create complex and unified campaigns that include graphic design elements, tactical social media pushes, and of course, good old-fashioned web design that integrates mobile-friendly elements to remain responsive to all devices today’s users browse with.

The future of multimedia marketing is here. It’s an old cliche but it’s true: a successful lead-generating campaign requires innovation and creativity to stay a step ahead of the technological curve. In the case with multimedia elements, a law firm will need to have the understanding that their marketing agency will undergo a complex series of evolutions and innovations to mix and match the right blend of print and digital approaches to finding the right cases. We have found that basic postcard design can have as big, or bigger impact, than standard SEO, for example.