Client experience and referral are an important component to the success of a firm. A law firm’s level of success is determined by their record of verdict outcome and client relations. With so much emphasis on public opinion and social media communications it is essential that law firms are represented online as successful practices on social media forums. The implementation of a strong social media campaign that includes viewer communication forums and the close monitoring of public discussion and social media posting is an important component of online marketing. Blog writing, and the monitoring of comments and social media posting can have a big impact on developing the reputation of a practice.

At Legalsophia we proactively engage in online social forums to enhance the reputation our clients and protect them from false negative reviews or any defaming content that could deter new clients. Attracting the attention of the larger social media audiences has a big impact on a firm’s level of success. By communicating with thousands of people online, important announcements including case verdicts, mass torts and large compensations can reach thousands of potential clients in an instant.  When lawyers use the social media network to create a positive buzz about their practice it will make people aware of entitlements, earn the interest of potential clients and bring more people to schedule a consultation.

The voice of the public is a powerful message and with so many ways for people to comment post and review their experiences, it is important to actively engage in positive discussion and monitor communication on sites like facebook and Google+. Maintaining a positive online reputation is a determining factor of success. All it takes is one slanderous statement or shared experience from a dissatisfied client to send a surge of negativity that can have a detrimental impact on success. At Legalsophia we have a team designated to the creation of social media accounts and the active engagement in viral communications to give voice to the public and enhance the online presence of our clients.

When you are ready to protect the reputation of your firm and enhance the profile of your team of attorneys, give Legalsophia a call. Our internet marketing services are representing clients as leading practices in their respective cities, and bringing law firms success in progressive cities across the US.