Web Design and Organic SEO-

Establishing a law firm and building your practice takes hard work, diligence, a commitment to success and wise investing. Marketing your practice is an important aspect of developing your firm. Obtaining a continuous influx of new clients is essential to success.

In today’s e-Commerce, system the law firms that have a sophisticated web presence are earning the interest and trust of the online audience. Prospective clients seeking representation are researching law firms on the Internet. Whether they have located your practice through Google searches or are checking out your website because of a friends referral, how your firm is represented and where your website is positioned on the Internet will determine your level of success. A sophisticated website that highlights positive case outcomes that is ranked on the first page of Google will dramatically increase your case load.

Legalsophia’s clients are dominating first place rankings for “personal injury lawyer”, “medical malpractice lawyers” and “auto accident attorney” in competitive markets. By creating an Internet marketing campaign that implements state of the art we design in combination with Google approved organic SEO, Legalsophia clients are obtaining the top cases and building strong practices. The law firms that invest in legal marketing campaigns dominate keyword searches and earn seventy five percent of market shares. Aligning a practice among the elite positions clients for a dramatic increase in cases and a large return on investment.

Legalsophia marketing services both law firms and individual attorneys. Its clients are dominating popular keyword searches in progressive cities across the US for a constant influx of new cases.